1. In no case may, e.g. Items, properties, permits, ranks, or similar be selled against a real currency. In such case the server will be deleted immediately. So, the commercial use of the server is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of the server as a communication platform. So references to a shop, a website with shop etc. are not allowed.
  2. Servers must be used so they are not deleted. More here.
  3. Each player may use only one MC4U.de server.
  4. The following plugins / mods are prohibited:
    1. Plugins / mods that change the slot number or allow you to enter a full server.
    2. Plugins / mods that deny access to commands to MC4U.de support (list of eligible players, below). Thus, plugins that hide the plugin list for all players (including operators) are not allowed. Even plugins that prevent /pl or /plugins on the console are prohibited.
    3. Plugins / Mods that prevent the detection of player numbers.
    4. Plugins / Mods, over which things (no matter whether items, Permissions, ranks, etc.) can be sold for money. If such a plugin is found, the server wants to be deleted immediately.
      Other, not listed plugins / mods (must be removed after notification)
  5. Instructions from the MC4U.de support must be followed. Likewise, the players of the MC4U.de support may under no circumstances be kicked / banned / blocked (or similar). Thus, the removal or alteration of the rights (e.g., permissions) or harassment of these users is strictly prohibited. Our team members can grant themselves the necessary rights (operator rights) on servers.
  6. Servers may not be used for testing purposes or as a building server for other servers.
  7. The displayed server messages from MC4U.de must not be prevented / prevented / removed.
  8. No external server addresses / domains may be used. Only the server address assigned by MC4U.de may be used.
    Exceptions to these are domains of our partner Horlboge.de.
  9. The kick after 10 minutes of inactivity / AFK must not be removed / bypassed.
  10. Servers must not be used in a server network (such as Bungeecord or Waterfall).
  11. The user is responsible for the data of his server. With the free servers no backups are created by MC4U.de.
  12. No AdBlocker, script blocker or other tools / programs may be used in the panel. The executed scripts may not be blocked, as well as the advertising (MC4U.de is financially dependent on advertising, without advertising, the server could not be offered).
  13. Servers are immediately deleted irrevocably if the information is incorrect.
  14. The minimum age for using our services is 16 years.
    Due to the new data protection regulation (GDPR) we are not allowed to process data of users who have not reached the age of 16 years. For this reason, there is a restriction of our offer. Alternatively, consent to the processing of the data is also possible via consent of a legal guardian, please contact support for further information.

In case of violations, the consequences will be decided on a case-by-case basis. This may vary depending on the violation, e.g. just a warning, but it can also be deleted immediately. With 5 warnings, the server will automatically be locked (depending on the violation, an immediate deletion is possible), should any further violations occur after a possible release (report for support), the server will be permanently deleted. If a server is deleted or blocked due to rule violations, it is not possible to download the files.

Behavior-Rules on every server

For the behavior on the servers themselves, there are of course certain basic rules, other rules can be determined by the server administrator.

  1. Insults / mobbing and threats are not tolerated and punished with a network-wide ban
  2. The copying of worlds etc. from other servers is not permitted
  3. Advertising for other servers is not desired
  4. Should ranks, etc be sold somewhere on our server, this should be reported immediately
  5. Griefing is not allowed
  6. Setting or igniting larger amounts of TNT (over 20 blocks) is prohibited.

In case of violations, the consequences will be decided on a case-by-case basis. This can also be a network-wide, permanent ban, depending on the violation.