This site was created to give everyone the opportunity to get a free Minecraft server. Without any risks, without any costs. And most of all – 24/7 online. The servers have no fixed runtime, so theoretically can be used as long as you want – as long as enough players are active. There is no manual extension required. There are servers that already exist for over a year and are always used actively, so it is feasible. While the Minecraft server is actively used, the server is also online 24/7! Once your server is no longer actively used, you will be notified. Of course you also get the possibility to download his server (world or plugins, etc.) if the server should be deleted. You will find out more about this when we delete your server.


  • Minecraft Server for free!
  • Self-adjustable slots
  • Up to 1.5GB of RAM
  • 24/7 online!
  • No immediate server stop when no player is active (as long as the minimum usage levels are reached)
  • Competent support via Discord, Teamspeak and ticket system
  • No fixed runtime, you can use the server as long as you want
  • Vanilla, Bukkit, Spigot or Forge
    • This includes daily spigot and bukkit builds
    • and many older versions
    • If the version you need is missing, please contact the support.
  • Sponsoring larger servers (currently german only)
  • Download the world even after the server is closed (please contact support and enter your server id)
  • Altogether already over 100000 free Minecraft servers created!


Currently waiting servers 0
Currently running servers 60
Servers created 58438
Different players seen on our servers 36798